Working With An Auto Body Shop in Mesa, AZ

August 7, 2023

working with auto body shops in mesa az

Navigating the Auto Body Shop Experience in Mesa, AZ

Having an accident, no matter how minor, is an inconvenience at best and a significant stressor at worst. When you find yourself in need of auto body repair in Mesa, AZ, understanding the ins and outs of the process can save you both time and headaches. Here’s a step-by-step guide for those unfamiliar with how auto body shops work, especially in the Mesa area.

1. Finding the Right Auto Body Shop in Mesa, AZ

Your first step will likely involve finding the right body shop. Recommendations from friends, online reviews, and referrals from your insurance company are all good places to start. Keep in mind that you’re not obligated to use the repair shop your insurance company suggests. It’s your car; you can choose where to get it repaired.

2. Getting an Estimate

Before any work is done, you’ll need an estimate. Most reputable body shops offer free estimates. This is a breakdown of the costs to repair your vehicle. In Mesa, it’s also common for local shops to have relationships with rental car agencies, providing a seamless transition if you need a temporary vehicle.

3. Insurance Claims

If your repairs involve an insurance claim, the body shop will usually handle the communication directly with your insurance. They will coordinate the assessment of damages, send photos, and discuss repair costs. If the cost of repairs exceeds the car’s value, your insurance might declare it a total loss.

4. Repair Authorization

Before the shop begins the repair, you’ll need to provide written authorization. This includes approving the estimated price and the specific work to be done. If, during the repair, the shop discovers additional damage, they will contact you to discuss the next steps.

5. Parts Ordering

For many repairs, new parts will be needed. There can sometimes be a wait for parts to arrive, particularly if they are unique to your vehicle’s make and model. Many Mesa auto body shops use a combination of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, aftermarket parts, or even used parts, depending on the type of repair and customer preference.

6. The Repair Process

Once the parts arrive, the repair process begins. This includes:

  • Body Work: Repairing or replacing parts.
  • Painting: Matching and applying paint to the repaired areas.
  • Reassembly: Putting back any parts that may have been removed.
  • Inspection: Many shops in Mesa will conduct a post-repair inspection to ensure safety and quality.

7. Finalizing the Bill

After repairs are completed, you’ll receive a final bill. If you’re going through insurance, the bill will reflect the agreed price, and you’ll pay any deductible due directly to the repair shop.

8. Picking up Your Vehicle

Once repairs are finalized, and payments are settled, you can pick up your vehicle. A good Mesa body shop will have cleaned up your car, and they should walk you through the repairs to ensure you understand what was done.

Things to Remember When Working with an Auto Body Shop in Mesa, AZ:

  1. Know Your Rights: Arizona law dictates that you have the right to choose where you get your vehicle repaired. Your insurance company cannot force you to use a particular shop.
  2. Ask About Warranties: Many auto body shops offer warranties on their repairs. Ensure you understand what is covered and for how long.
  3. Review the Estimate: Make sure you understand the estimate. Ask questions if you’re unsure about anything.

Navigating the world of auto repairs can be daunting, especially post-accident. But understanding the process and your rights as a consumer can make the experience in Mesa, AZ, or anywhere, smoother and less stressful. Always prioritize safety and quality over speed and cost, ensuring you’re back on the road with a vehicle in top shape.

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